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Hi! I’m Sarah. I started Sarah’s Soapery for purely selfish reasons; I couldn’t find the products that I wanted anywhere else. 

I’ve always felt that solid products, free from packaging, were the future but I am also shocked by the ingredients that most companies add to their “natural”, “organic” and “vegan” products. Our skin is a barrier against harmful toxins but also an absorbent membrane; especially in areas with the most hair follicles such as armpits and the scalp. Whatever we use to clean ourselves with will be absorbed into the bloodstream, often alarmingly quickly. Many studies have found links between the parabens, sulphates and other toxins found in shop-bought products and cancers, dementia and skin conditions (read more here). 

I wanted to create products that are free from toxins but also products that care for our skin, hair and body. My soaps are soft and caring, my deodorants effective but kind and my shampoos help unleash a softness and shine you’ve never seen before. Packed full of natural oils that work with your skin to protect and enhance your skin and hair, I have made many people very happy customers.

Then I got thinking… what if I can go a step further? What if I can create products that help to prevent the things that cosmetic toxins are known to be causing? My father suffers from both Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia. He has used dandruff shampoo for most of his adult life - a well-documented cause of brain cell shrinkage. There is, however, much research that has found links between natural herbs, oils and plants that can help to prevent cell shrinkage and memory loss. So I married my own natural recipes with this research and developed my new Wise Owl Shampoo which helps to protect brain cells and keep them healthy. 

I also developed a natural shampoo (at my eldest son’s request) which helps in the fight against anxiety and depression. Happy Shampoo contains a rich blend of oils and herbs which are known to lift your mood. 

I love talking to my customers about their ideas for new products and together we’re finding a new way to keep clean and healthy. Thank you all for your support on our journey so far. I hope you enjoy my natural products as much as we do.



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