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Classic Family Soap

Classic Family Soap

It would be impossible for me to introduce this soap without first reminiscing a little about my own childhood memories of soap. Growing up in 1980s suburbia, there were two types of soap in our little semi-detached house; the creamy yellow one with the little metallic label and the amber-coloured transparent one that smelled of Grandad. Fancy friends and relations would proudly hang the creamy yellow one from their magnetic soap holders but we didn't have one so ours usually sat in a puddle of mush by the sink. For this reason, I preferred the other one - the transparent one that Mum called "Grandad Soap" because that's all he'd ever used. 


For 200 years, the makers of "Grandad Soap" used the same traditional recipe for their iconic soap bars. It had just a handful of mild ingredients, including pine resin (or "rosin" to the string-playing community) which gave it the unique colour and fragrance as well as a long-lasting hardness that is lacking in other transparent soaps. It was highly cleansing and a mighty weapon in the fight against dirt and bacteria whilst remaining mild enough to wash a baby with. Sadly, in 2009, the manufacturers (who were now owned by Unilever) decided to change the recipe of this iconic bar to make it cheaper and easier to produce. They added many harsh ingredients, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, some acids, some benzoates and other things whose names are merely numbers. 


So, after much research, we've dug up the original Grandad Soap recipe and made it for you. With no added fragrance or colouring, it's a beautifully natural and traditional bar of soap that we simply love; not least because it smells just like Grandad did!


    • Sodium Palmate

    • Ethanol

    • Sodium Cocoate

    • Natural Rosin

    • Glycerin

    • Sucrose.


    SUITABLE for Vegans.

    Not suitable for Diabetics (sucrose).

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