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Welcome to the home of natural soap, shampoo, bath and shaving products; here's where you can ditch the plastic bottles in your bathroom and go solid. Enjoy the luxurious scents and feel special every single day.


I’m a BIG fan of Sarah’s Soapery - a perfect example of a small, local business doing their best for the environment by reducing unnecessary packaging. My new favourite products are the Kombucha & Argan Oil Soap - deliciously creamy - and the Lavender Soapoo which is perfect for travellers. 🧼 I also adore the solid Pink Clay Moisturiser and Lovely Beetroot Hand & Body Lotion. 💜💗💚💗💜

Louise Lewis

Love these soaps and shampoos. I'd definitely recommend getting some if you're looking for great smelling hair and body bars, less plastic and great prices! good for you and good for the planet :-)

Leah Johnson

I have a new favourite moisturiser for my summer pins! Even though I have realised it is actually for the face! I can have really dry skin after winter but the Pink Clay Moisturiser love heart really cheered my legs up! 💓 They felt gorgeous all day and the next day too. I am very impressed. Not sure if my face will even get a look in! Thanks for another fab product x

Stephanie Botham


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